Why Choose Us

This may be a question you consider as you ponder our quote and compare it to others.

Other painters may be cheaper, or quicker, that is true. They may also skip steps in preparation that we deem vital to a good quality finish. In 6 months’ time, you may notice peeling, rusting, mould spots.


How then, do we strive to combat these problems?



For peeling paint

Sanding properly, gapping, patching dents, and applying a decent amount of primer or undercoat.


Mould spots

Surfaces are washed down with a mould killer to remove any pre-existing mould. Mould-inhibiting additives are also mixed into the paint, to prevent the problem from re-occurring.


Rust spots

Proper sealants are used to prevent rust spots, particularly in wet areas. We like to think that our commitment to quality sets us apart, and we are passionate about giving our clients the best.

Col is a fully qualified, Dulux Accredited painter. Dulux has a motto they stand by: “Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy”.

Only painters who meet these specifications are deemed worthy to be affiliated as a part of their select group, and we are proud to say that Col’s Painting is one of them.

Ever since Col started his painting journey, he has committed himself to learning proper techniques, safe working practices, and the importance of decent preparation.


What does this mean for you?

Firstly, Col uses Premium paint products with a 10-year paint guarantee (meaning it is cost effective in the long run as it will last longer and be more durable than cheaper/ inferior brands). Secondly, Col’s commitment to quality ensures that every stage of job completion will be done properly to make sure that your finished product is long lasting, long wearing, and brings you happiness in your home for many years to come.

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